What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is plan to shape growth and development in an area that is produced by and for the local community. The Plan contains planning policies that will be used to determine planning applications in the area.


What area does the Neighbourhood Plan cover?

The Neighbourhood Plan area covers Lound, Ashby, Herringfleet and Somerleyton.


What has happened so far?

The Neighbourhood Plan has been developed using comments received at open consultation meetings held in 2016 and responses to a questionnaire distributed to all the households in the area in 2017.


What does the Neighbourhood Plan do?

The Neighbourhood Plan covers a range of local issues from housing to the environment and includes a Design Guide. The planning policies in the Neighbourhood Plan are:

1 Housing Mix – see page 9

2 Development of Allocated sites – see page 12

3 Open Space in new Residential Developments – see page 16

4 Design of new Residential Developments – see page 16

5 Provision of Footpaths – see page 18

6 Parking Provision for new Residential Developments – see page 19

7 Provision of new Village Hall and Changing Rooms – see page 23

8 Support of Local Community Facilities – see page 24

9 Support of Local Businesses – see page 25

The Design Guide contains principles to guide new development including the site in Lound and two sites in Somerleyton allocated for housing development in the Waveney Local Plan.


What happens now?

The pre-submission consultation (Regulation 14 of the 2012 Neighbourhood Planning Regulations) is being held from  23 Nov 2020 until  26 Feb 2021 We want your comments on the Neighbourhood Plan so that they can be taken into consideration when developing the final version on the plan. This consultation is now finished and the plan will be re-drafted and submitted to  East Suffolk Council ready for Regulation 15 Consultation.


Any questions?

You may also e-mail comments to somerleytonlound@gmail.com If you wish to write please address your comments to: Jenni Livingstone, Crown House, The Street, Somerleyton although the Regulation 14 consultation is now finished


The Neighbourhood Plan

Please find below links to our Neighbourhood Plan. We hope you enjoy reading this and would appreciate comments on it which can be entered below or emailed to somerleytonlound@gmail.com although the Regulation 14 consultation is now finished

Neighbourhood Plan The Main Document

Design Guide Produced by AECOM

Supporting Evidence The evidence of how the plan was written

Basic Conditions 

Video of Zoom Public Meeting 27 Jan 2021 

Video of Zoom Public Meeting 17 Feb 2021

Consultation Log


Scans of Logs of Paper Loans

Web Analysis 1

Web Analysis 2